All About The Horse

...Things you should know about horses.

Mark standing in the desert with four horses, mountain background.

This site is dedicated to the graceful and beautiful animal known as "The Horse". Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a mentor for their horses. I want to provide a place where horse enthusiasts can visit and further their knowledge. As this site grows, we will explore "Need to Knows", "What Ifs" and "How Tos". We will cover what others say and review personal experiences which can provide learning for all... Sometimes the relationship between horse and rider gets off to a bad start for lack of knowledge and as a result, creates a bad experience for both. My goal is to help owners and riders gain knowledge from this site where experience may be lacking and as a result, create a better bond between horse and rider. "Greenhorns" as well as "Old Hands" will find useful tidbits on this site.

My name is Mark Hinds and I wish you all, "Happy Horses!" :-)

Photos by: Michelle Liles Oshins

P.S. Pardon our dust as we are under construction...